US Coins – The Best CC Morgan Dollar Collection Ever Sold

The Ponderosa CollectionPCGS Set Registry® number one set of all time Morgan Dollar of Carson City circulation strike dollars, 1878-1893, was acquired intact by dealer Woodland Hills, California Barry Stuppler (

The purchase price of the 13-piece set plus a 14and The “top Pop” CC dollar was $1.2 million. Stuppler arranged the acquisition through emails while on vacation more than 5,000 miles from his office.

The unnamed former owner of the Ponderosa set is identified as a collector from Nevada whose interest in coins began at the age of six with the help of his mother, a coin and stamp collector. He bought his first Carson City dollar in 2008.

“Barry (Stuppler) floated the idea of ​​considering building a set of Carson City Morgan dollars; 13 pieces that I’ve had years of pleasure – and sometimes anxiety – reading, studying, tell others and carry on. It was a lot of fun, and Barry has been a wonderful mentor and now also a great friend,” the collector said.

Professional coin grading service President Don Willis described the Ponderosa CC dollar set as “the best ever rated by PCGS and with many of the best coins known.” The collection is a wonderful example of the historic Carson City Mint.

Here are the grades of the 13 pieces in the set:

    • 1878-CC PCGS MS66+
    • 1879-CC PCGS MS66+best known, none ranked higher.
    • 1880-CC PCGS MS67
    • 1881-CC PCGS MS68tied for best known.
    • 1882-CC PCGS MS67+
    • 1883-CC PCGS MS68tied for best known.
    • 1884-CC PCGS MS67+
    • 1885-CC PCGS MS68+best known, formerly – Jack Lee
    • 1889-CC PCGS MS64PL
    • 1890-CC PCGS MS66
    • 1891-CC PCGS MS66+
    • 1892-CC PCGS MS67+the most known.
    • 1893-CC PCCGS MS65, Eliasberg Collection.

The 14thand the part of the purchase is a PCGS MS65 + PL graduated 1879-CC.

“My overall favorite Morgan dollar is the 1889-CC (PCGS MS64PL),” the Ponderosa Collection seller said. “I still remember the day I bought a PCGS MS-63 example. The price I paid made me realize that I was fully committed to building the best Carson City set I could afford. I regret that I was never able to obtain the single MS-65 1899-CC Morgan which is still part of the California Collection.

Now what will happen to the Ponderosa CC Morgan dollar set?

“As part of our company policy, we will be giving our current customers of PCGS Carson City Morgan dollar registers the first chance to acquire these coins to enhance their collections. Whatever parts are left will be offered on our website, www.MintStateGold.comsaid Stuppler, president of the Professional Numismatists Guild and past president of the American Numismatic Association.

The seller plans to split his proceeds between helping his family, acquiring more coins, and fulfilling a long-held desire to be in the entertainment industry.

“Building the Carson City collection was a lot of fun and an exciting numismatic learning experience. One of my main goals when I started was to make this collection the best pedigree collection ever on the set register. PCGS. With Barry’s help, I was able to achieve that goal, and it doesn’t get any better. So now I’m looking at other areas of numismatics where I can achieve the same goal.”

He added: “I have a few other interests that are always at the bottom of my to-do list. I studied film production during my college years and beyond. Recently, I formed a production company with two fantastic friends in the industry and I look forward to producing one or more feature films in theaters.

For more information on the Ponderosa Collection, contact Barry Stuppler at 818-592-2800.

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