US Bank partners with Microsoft and moves to Azure

Last week, Microsoft announced that a new enterprise variant of Azure Spring Cloud was available for free preview. In the wake of this announcement, today, the Redmond firm has unveiled a new partnership with US Bankmaking it the leading cloud provider for banking applications.

In a blog post, the fifth-largest bank in the United States affirmed its hope that the collaboration will help digitize its work in today’s world, with a focus on rapid access and analysis. data, as well as improving experiences for its staff as well as for its customers. A key aspect of this partnership is the enrichment of security offerings, with financial assets and customer privacy being strengthened by leveraging support from Microsoft. The bank will also seek to optimize its cost structure by consolidating its physical footprint.

Andy Cecere, Chairman, President and CEO of US Bank, underscored the importance of this partnership, noting:

“Our customers expect and demand extreme flexibility and a bank that is easy to navigate and able to adapt quickly to their ever-changing needs. Building on our initial investments in the cloud and the success of our technology and digital modernization, we acquired the competence and confidence to accelerate our efforts to better serve our customers. Our cloud-first approach with Microsoft Azure will help us accomplish just that.”

Specifically, the bank’s partners could access real-time data to better meet their customers’ needs, while customers would use new banking tools that would aim to make their experience more efficient and simple. Integrated payment capabilities are an important part of these improvements, with many features in this regard targeted for a release this year and next.

As part of its “long-term relationship” with Microsoft, US Bank has also adopted Microsoft 365 and Teams to drive more value through a unified experience for its employees.

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