US bank JPMorgan is looking for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Proof-of-Stake pros


In the months following the launch of their marketed blockchain service, JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) is hiring talent in cryptography and seeking knowledge in Proof of Stake, Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

JPM is an American investment bank and financial services holding company that has experienced a sudden cash of hearts on crypto last year. Their latest ads on the job board suggest the company is developing a “digital asset platform” (a term now removed from its job board).

A “digital assets” platform?

In their latest hiring wave, JPM is also looking to staff a “Senior Blockchain Engineer – Executive Director” role, intended for applicants who have “an understanding and knowledge of the open source blockchain platform, proof of stake, etc.” “And have” experience with Ethereum, Bitcoin “.

During this time, Merchant services, a global payment processor for JPMorgan, is building a New Payment Methods team. Merchant services provide payment, fraud and data security for businesses while authorizing transactions in over 130 currencies.

The future of the team vice-president is supposed to “create, gain early support from senior leaders and execute a strategy to prioritize, approach and sign the highest impact third party relationships to enable product strategy regarding new payment methods (for example, buy now, pay later, pay with points, cryptocurrencies, etc.) and build a strong pipeline of potential third-party opportunities to support the “any payment, any channel” mindset of the business , anywhere anytime “.

The history of JPM’s blockchain

In October 2020 JPM spear their own stablecoin, pegged at 1: 1 to the US dollar. The JPM part had its first commercial customer when the company launched its blockchain service, nicknamed Onyx.

Meanwhile, their “Interbank Information Network”, a blockchain-based peer-to-peer network that interacts on the Onyx has been renamed “Liink”.

According to JPM’s global head of wholesale payments, Takis Georgakopoulos, the company’s five years in creating the Onyx blockchain unit reflect their “commitment to blockchain and other breakthrough technologies to strengthen and expand the platform. form of wholesale payments from JP Morgan “.

As of March of this year, the company has been actively recruiting talent across the globe for its blockchain projects unit, with 34 vacancies on the job board. Among others, the “Cryptocurrency Risk Managers” are in demand.

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