US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature Card Review

The US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature Card is not one of our highest rated rewards credit cards. You can check out our list of the best rewards credit cards for what we think are better options.

U.S. Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature Card Complete Review

  • Your top earning rewards categories adjust based on monthly spend

  • Bonus worth $750

The inconvenients
  • US Bank’s Small Business Credit Card Service Is Below Average

  • Minimal benefits

  • Points expire after five years

The benefits explained

  • Your top earning rewards categories adjust based on monthly spend: The US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature has an unusual flexibility to maximize your spending rewards. You earn 2 points per dollar spent in the top two categories where your business spent the most in a month. Points are worth 1 cent each when applied as statement credit. Since the list is long (48 categories), this feature automatically maximizes rewards even for relatively infrequent expenses, such as a major car repair on a company vehicle or a large annual order from a wholesaler.
  • Bonus worth $750: A one-time bonus of $750 when you spend $7,500 in qualifying purchases on the account holder card within the first 120 days of opening your account
  • No limit on points earned: Some business cards cap rewards once you reach a certain spending level, like $25,000 each year. This card has no such limit.

Disadvantages Explained

  • US bank‘s card service to businesses is below par: Companies do not necessarily interact very often with their credit card issuer. But when it’s needed, it’s often a matter of urgency and even stress, and you want a satisfying experience. Unfortunately, this is less likely to be the case for businesses that deal with US Bank than with most other card issuers rated in JD Power’s Small Business Credit Card Customer Satisfaction Study. In its 2020 survey, US Bank ranks in the lowest group, as the least satisfied business credit card issuer among the nine rated. US Bank’s score of 814 out of 1,000 was 26 points below the national average.
  • Minimal benefits: To say the least, this card is light on features and benefits. It not only offers a few standard perks with business cards, such as tools to help track expenses, but no travel perks either, such as insurance coverage for rental cars.
  • Points expire after five years: Generally, credit card points do not expire. This map offers an exception. Its rewards expire at the end of the calendar quarter that occurs five years after the date you earned the points in question. While this provides quite a long period to redeem the points, it also requires paying attention to the expiration of the rewards, to ensure they don’t “age out”.

The U.S. Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature Card is best suited for businesses whose spending spans a number of different categories, depending on the month. Such a spending pattern aligns well with this card’s rewards structure, which automatically adjusts to spending by automatically assigning the highest rate each month to the two categories with the heaviest spending.

US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature Card Bonus

You’ll earn $750 in rewards when you make $7,500 in qualifying purchases on the account holder’s card within the first 120 days of opening your account. These points are redeemable as statement credits, gift cards, travel, or deposit to a US bank account.

Reward Earnings Details

You’ll earn 2 points for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases in your top two eligible spend categories out of 48 each month. The categories encompass virtually every major type of expense a small business could incur, from travel (airlines and hotels) to infrastructure and basic overhead (telecommunications, utilities, building materials, insurance, personal care, etc.). health) shipping (freight, postal and courier services) and promotion (advertising and marketing). The complete list of eligible suppliers:

  • Advertising companies
  • Airlines companies
  • Clothing and accessories stores
  • Car rental and transportation providers
  • Car dealerships
  • Auto parts stores
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Cable, satellite, television and radio providers
  • Charitable, civic and religious organizations
  • Commercial and home furniture stores
  • Commercial Equipment, Parts and Supplies
  • IT service providers
  • Computer stores
  • building material suppliers
  • Suppliers of dental, laboratory and medical equipment
  • Department stores, bookstores and novelty stores
  • Direct marketing
  • Discount stores and wholesale clubs
  • Drugstores and pharmacies
  • Durable Goods Suppliers
  • entertainment venues
  • Florists, nurseries and garden centers
  • Freight and transport services
  • Funeral homes and crematoria
  • Petrol stations and fuel dealers
  • Grocery stores and supermarkets
  • health care providers
  • Home improvement service and supply
  • Hotels
  • Industrial suppliers
  • Insurers
  • Member organizations
  • Suppliers of non-durable goods
  • Non-medical testing laboratories
  • Personal service providers
  • Pet supply stores
  • Plumbing and HVAC Suppliers
  • Postal and courier service providers
  • Professional service providers
  • Publishers and printers
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and government
  • Stationery and office supply stores
  • Telecom Equipment Suppliers
  • Telecom service providers
  • utility companies
  • Veterinarians
  • Wholesale Merchandise Suppliers

You will earn 1 point per dollar spent on all other qualifying purchases. There is no limit to the total number of points you can earn, but points earned expire at the end of the calendar quarter which occurs five years after the date the points were earned. You will also automatically lose your points if your account is closed to future transactions.

Reward Redemption Details

You can redeem the points you earn for a penny each for statement credit, US bank account deposit, gift cards or travel.

You can also redeem your points for merchandise. US Bank does not specify the per-point value of these redemptions, but with most cards, it pays less than the more lucrative options.

How to maximize your rewards

To get the most out of the U.S. Bank Business Leverage Signature Visa Card, organize your business expenses, if you can, so that any bills you pay are large enough to be among the top two expenses of the month, and so earn 2 points per dollar spent. You could achieve this, for example, by arranging to incur (or at least bill) certain expenses every two or three months rather than every 30 days. Plus, be sure to take advantage of the one-time $750 bonus when you spend $7,500 in qualifying purchases on the Account Owners Card within the first 120 days of opening your account.

Standard Benefits

  • Free employee cards
  • Expense Tracking with US Bank’s Expense Analytics Report Tool

Cardholder experience

US Bank received a score of 814 in JD Power’s 2020 Credit Card Study for American Small Businesses, and therefore ranked last out of nine rated national companies. The industry average score of 840 was 26 points higher than US Bank’s.

You can contact the US Bank Customer Service Team for the US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature Card at 866-485-4545.

Security functions

The security features of this credit card are industry standard.

Fees to watch

Although this card waives its annual fee in the first year, it is $95 each year thereafter. The card also charges a higher balance transfer fee when you make a balance transfer request with the app than for balance transfer requests made after the app.

Our opinion

The hallmark, so to speak, of US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature is the simplicity with which it matches its rewards to business spending. Where competitors bake in categories where you earn the best rewards or ask you to actively choose them, this card automatically assigns its best rewards to the two categories you’ve spent the most on in the last month. And there’s no limit to the rewards you can earn at the best rate, unlike cards that limit spending for their optimal rate to as little as $25,000 spent each year.

These benefits, however, alone do not make this card an outstanding choice for all or even most businesses. For all the flexibility of its best rewards, businesses can earn the same rewards return (of 2% of spend) on all purchases with other cards, some of which do not charge an annual fee. And with no travel benefits, this card almost takes the company out of your wallet than another card that has benefits it lacks, like rental car coverage and no foreign transaction fees. Some of these cards also offer a 0% APR period on purchases or balance transfers (or both), which the US Bank Business Leverage Visa Signature does not offer.

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