The first holders present an auction of classic American coins at Heritage


Buy the slab, not the part?

Not exactly, but the last Showcase auction of American coins in the early holders of Heritage auctions focuses on the parts that have been encapsulated in PCGS Where NGC holders for a particularly long period. These pieces have a reputation for being frequently dumped and the slabs themselves are popular, hence this offering. Auctions are now open on, continuing with a live session scheduled for Thursday, August 26 at 6:00 p.m. CT.

Included are 571 sets of parts in PCGS Green Label holders, first generation PCGS ratchet or “clacker” holders, NGC “fat” holders, NGC Green Label holders and even a first generation ANACS incumbent. 156 of the pieces received the CAC green label, designating them among the best in their digital category; Another 23 carry the coveted CAC gold label, meaning the CAC believes the coin is at least one point undervalued.

Brilliantly illustrating the type of coins that can be found in this auction, a 1919 half dollar, rated MS65 by PCGS a long time ago, as evidenced by its first generation “rattler” backing. Both sides of this gem feature a bold impressive strike, complementing the original frosted luster and glossy surfaces. The inverted fields show fine matrix streaks and both sides are free from major abrasions. The 1919 is rare in this grade and rare finer.

Here are some of the additional highlights from this auction:

Bid on these coins – and holders – until August 26 at

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