Steve Studer Collection Part 3 of US Coins Open for Biding at Heritage Auctions

Part 3 from Steve Studer collection, open for auction now by Heritage auctions through March 22, offers a wide assortment of collectible coins in denominations ranging from silver three cents to double eagles. The vast majority of the coins on offer date from the period 1838-1861, most minted in New Orleans. Some more modern pieces complete the offer.

A lot featured in this auction is a 1859-O Double Eagle, graduated AU50 by PCGS. With a circulation of only 9,100 copies, the 1859-O double eagle ranks among the few dates in the New Orleans Mint series. Double Eagle production in New Orleans fell to token quantities on an annual basis after the San Francisco the Mint branch became operational in 1854, and the gold deposits of California almost ceased. Some problems, such as 1854-O and the 1856-O, are legendary rarities, while dates like 1859-O are “merely” rare. For this problem, PCGS estimates a survival of 75 to 100 pieces in all ranks.

This offering from the Steve Studer Collection contains many additional highlights, including:

The live session for Part 3 of the Steve Studer Collection Auction is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Monday, March 22. Bid on any or all coins in this auction at

Simpson and Paramount bids lead February U.S. coin auction to over $20 million in sales

Heritage February U.S. Coin Auctions is over and the results are in. Although the auction was weather-delayed until February 23-25, the results were nothing short of stellar, as nearly $20.6 million in rare coins changed hands. All prices include a 20% buyer’s premium.

This auction opened with a bid of 309 Important Selections from the Bob R. Simpson Collection, the fourth part of our ongoing offerings from this fabulous collection. In total, these coins sold for just under $7.9 million, led by the the best known 1795 O-117 half dollar, which sold for $552,000. This piece, graded MS65+ by PCGS, is the top of the O-117 Early Die State variety by two grade points, and one of only five 1795 varieties certified MS65 by the major grading services combined.

Additional findings from the Bob R. Simpson collection included:

the Primal Collection, represented more fully in our World Coin Auction March 25-27, also contributed a small number of extremely important pieces to this auction.

The first of these was the 1907 Double Eagle in very high relief, rated Proof-68 by NGC, which sold for an incredible price $3.6 million. the 1907 Ultra high relief double eagles are among the rarest and most valuable coins in the American series, but their classic beauty and artistic appeal set them apart from all other numismatic treasures. This piece, genealogical Norweb collection, is a stunning work of art, with sculptural, three-dimensional design elements that show off razor-sharp definition in all areas. It has a combination of near perfect technical quality, tremendous visual appeal and intense historical interest.

A second piece from the Paramount collection, the 1880 Stella coiled hair, rated PR67 Cameo by NGC, surpassed the seven-figure mark at $1,860,000.

In total, the Paramount Collection made over $6.5 million in this auction alone.

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