Over $ 7.8 million in U.S. coins sold at Stack’s Bowers Galleries June 2021 auction


Over $ 7.8 million in US coins and Numismatic American has been sold in the Stack’s Bowers Galleries June 2021 Auction, the first event to be held in the company’s state-of-the-art auction studio Costa Mesa, California Headquarter.

Streamed live in high definition across various platforms, the June auction was the latest demonstration of Stack’s Bowers Galleries cutting-edge technology and its ability to garner exceptional prices across all categories of Guide Book.

The June sale showcased remarkable quality across several important collections, led by the magnificent Lulu collection, the n ° 1 of the best of all time PCGS Walk Freedom Short set, 1941-1947. Thirteen of the 20 lots in the collection set new auction records for their respective shows, many achieving multiples of the PCGS and CAC price guide values ​​indicated at the time of sale. The 1943 CAC MS-68 + (PCGS) was the undisputed highlight of the collection, achieving $ 120,000 and set a new record for any date in the Short Set category. The CAC 1944 MS-68 (PCGS) set a record for issuance to $ 84,000, more than twice the PCGS Price Guide value.

With more than $ 971,000 in total realized prices, Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ sale of the Lulu collection is now the largest public offering of short dates. An exceptional selection of duplicates from the Lulu Collection will be on display at the company’s official auction at ANA World’s Fair of Money in August.

A new offer of half a cent to half a dollar was presented in Part II of the Collection of Silas Stanley Roberts (1888-1966), which was assembled mainly in the first half of the 20th century. Highlights of Part II included a half dollar MS-66 (PCGS) 1917-S Obverse Mintmark which carried $ 40,800 and a half dollar MS-64 + (PCGS) CAC 1921-D sold for $ 27,600, further accentuating the strength of this series.

The June sale also included the first part of the Norman G. Peters Collection of Colonial Coins, which had been in the works for half a century and which affects practically all Prefectural types. Outstanding prizes have been achieved by numerous prizes including a magnificent 1777 Franklin of Philadelphia bronze medal which won $ 20,400, a daring RR-26 1788 Vermont Copper which brought $ 10,800, and a Noe-7 1652 Oak Tree Shilling which sold for $ 9,000.

the Bimyway collection composed of an impressive selection of silver dollars and double Saint-Gaudens eagles highlighted by a dollar EF-45 (PCGS) 1797 Draped Bust which brought $ 12,000 and a 1907 $ 20 high relief CAC AU-55 (PCGS) that sold for $ 14,400.

The company also offered a selection of James D. Brilliant Collection, a cabinet that Stack’s Bowers Galleries first managed in January 1992. While most are known for their first half dollars, the June offering also included 19th century gold coins as well as a famous continental dollar “1776” which sold for $ 38,400 and an iconic draped bust neighborhood of 1796 that brought $ 33,600.

Beyond these cabinets, the June sale of Stack’s Bowers featured many individual rarities, including the Wolfson-Pogue 1820 BD-7 Half-Eagle which won the auction’s highest price at $ 192,000. One MS-64 (PCGS) 1801 eagle bring $ 102,000, a price matched by an AU-58 (PCGS) 1859-O $ 20. A spectacular three-cent silver coin from 1853 earned an honorable mention at $ 38,400, more than three times the PCGS price guide and more than 10 times the CAC price guide at the time of sale. This award also set a record for a Three cents in type I silver piece of any problem.

With a successful showcase of their new auction studio and over $ 7 million in prize money from the June 2021 auction, Stack’s Bowers Galleries are now preparing for their official auction for the ANA World Money Fair in August. The August sale will feature all product categories, including world and antique coins and paper money, as well as rarities of American coins that are as incredible as they are the finest. 1804 dollars, a new discovery 1794 dollars, an original 1827/3 quarter, a State Currency 1796 Quarter-star eagle, and much more.

To register for the August auction or for any questions about the results of the June auction, please contact Stack’s Bowers Galleries by phone at 800-566-2580 or by email to [email protected]

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