Over $43 Million in US Coins Sold at Stack’s Bowers Summer Auction

Entire auction brings in over $60 million across all categories

Over $60 million worth of numismatic items have been sold in the Stack Bowers Galleries Global Summer Auction 2022 including more than $43 million in United States coins. The incredible result set a new record as the most profitable auction in the company’s 89-year history and represents a 20% increase over the total for the year’s summer 2021 event last. All prices include buyer’s fees.

The sale was highlighted by the most beautiful Proof 1825/4/1 Left half-eagle with capped headsold for a record price of $4.08 million, almost doubling the high estimate before the sale. It set a new record as the most valuable pre-1834 United States gold coin ever sold at auction. It also ranks as the second most valuable $5 gold coin of any format, behind only $8.4 million. 1822 $5, which was also sold by Stack’s Bowers Galleries. This superb Half-eagle proof was proposed as part of the Mocatta-Collectionwhich reached over $7 million in overall realized prizes.

Other highlights of this cabinet include a mint condition 1829 Small $5 who realized $408,000 and a gem 1887 proof $20 which sold for $420,000.

A truly amazing selection was offered from the legendary Cardinal Collection Educational Foundationanchored by an incredible 1792 Copper Dism which sold for $900,000. Ranked SP-62 BN (PCGS) CAC as the second best known, it dates back to before 1908 and was once part of the collection of Dr. J. Hewitt Judd. Also offered from the Cardinal Collection was the famous Charles Jay 1793 Sheldon-14 Liberty Cap cent who brought $192,000 as the finest known example.

First part of the Sydney F. Martin Collection was featured in a meticulously researched stand-alone catalog comprising over 260 coins and medals. This selection reached over $3.1 million in aggregate prize money realized – including five lots that brought in six-figure prizes. The session was titled by a rare 1737 Higley copper which sold for $192,000 and a superb 1783 Libertas Americana Medal in silver who brought $174,000. A history 1786 New Jersey General Washington Copper, Maris 4-C realized $162,000.

Part II from the Sydney F. Martin collection will be featured in the society’s official auction Whitman Coin & Collectibles Show Winter 2022 Thursday October 27 and Friday October 28.

The Global Showcase Auction also featured a historic selection of 35th Anniversary of American Eagle Gold and Silver exhibits submitted on behalf of the United States currency. Offered in 700 lots, these anniversary coins achieved a total price of over $4.6 million after more than 11 hours of live auctions during which several new records were set. Stack’s Bowers Galleries also had the honor of hosting the director of the United States Mint Ventris C. Gibson at Griffon Studios during the sale, reinforcing the historical character of the event.

The top price of the session was achieved by the very first hit 2021 American Eagle gold coin new Eagle Portrait (Type 2) reverse design. Rated MS-70 by NGCHe realised $100,000 and set a new record for the most valuable one-ounce American Eagle gold coin ever sold at auction, tripling more than the previous record of $29,700.

Among the silver coins, the very last shot classic Heraldic eagle (type 1) inverted design done $85,000 and set a new record for the most valuable strike of uncirculated coins (bullion) to be sold at auction, nearly two and a half times the previous record of $34,500.

The incredible JBR set of gold coins from Fairmont collection reached over $6.9 million in total prizes. Comprising nearly complete runs of the $5, $10, and $20 denominations from 1834, the JBR set exhibited a stunning combination of Condition Census and Everyman quality through the rarest dates and varieties of American gold . Highlights included a beautiful 1861-O double eagle which sold for $96,000 and a key date 1864-S half eagle who brought $93,000.

The Stack’s Bowers Galleries Summer World Auction also featured one of the most important collections of classic head gold currency ever formed in Virginia Collection. It was assembled by Daryl J. Haynor and included some of the best Classic quarterhead eagles and half eagles known. Carefully curated to include just 58 exceptional pieces, it went on to achieve over $2.2 million in total prize money, including half-eagles dated 1838 and 1838-C that each sold for $264,000.

The Georgia Gold Rush Collectionoffered by the John O. Sykes Familyrepresented the pinnacle of numismatic achievement for the Dahlonega mint gold series and contained a complete date and set of major varieties of coinage of that branch. More than $3.9 million has been made from the 150 coins there, including seven lots that fetched six-figure prices. This offer has been highlighted by the best 1854-D three dollar gold coin who realized $528,000 and set a new record for the most valuable Dahlonega Mint coin ever sold at auction.

An exciting selection of bitcoins and other physical cryptocurrencies was presented at the end of the Rarities Night Seance. This category has earned incredibly strong bounties among traditional coin collectors and crypto enthusiasts. This selection was highlighted by an extremely rare 2011 Variety Casascius 1 BTC DOUBLE ERROR graded MS-66 (PCGS) who realized $72,000 and an impressive 2012 Casascius 5 BTC “Bitnickel” graduated MS-65 (PCGS) which sold for $132,000.

Additional individual rarities include history California. 1777 Philip Syng, Jr. 8 bolivian reales regulated graduated VF-25 (NGC) who achieved $240,000a flawless MS-68 RD (PCGS) 1902 indian penny which sold for $120,000a possible striking specimen 1839-C Liberty Head Half Eagle graduated MS-64 (PCGS) who brought $336.00and a world class 1878 Quarter Eagle Pattern, Judd-1566 Graded Proof-67 Cameo (PCGS) which was tendered for $432,000.

Full realized prices for the Stack’s Bowers Galleries Summer 2022 Global Auction are now available at www.StacksBowers.com. Hot on the heels of such a successful bid, the company is currently finalizing its official auction of the Whitman Winter 2022 exhibit, which will be posted on its website for pre-auction in the coming weeks. Featuring American Coins, American Currency and Numismatic Americana, this event will be highlighted by Part II of the Sydney F. Martin Collection which will offer 1785 and 1786 Connecticut brass, washingtonia, Rosa Americana coins, and select French colonials. To consign your pieces to a future auction, contact Stack’s Bowers Galleries today at [email protected] Where 800-566-2580.

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