Over $ 14.7 million in U.S. coins, currency sold at Stack’s Bowers auction

Over US $ 14.7 million in coins, currency and Americana have been sold by Stack’s Bowers Galleries in their official auction for the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Winter Expo. This was the first such event held since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with in-person viewing offered to the Baltimore Convention Center and the auction itself hosted remotely from Griffin Studios in the cabinet Costa Mesa, California Headquarter. With strong auction activity and dozens of record-breaking prizes across all categories, Stack’s Bowers Galleries is proud to celebrate this successful final Showcase auction of their 2021 season.

American coins

United States Coins of the sale were marked by several significant collections, in particular the Aberg, Ornithologist, and Fricke cabinets, which spanned a variety of categories with fresh, high-quality selections.

The greatest treasures among the American federal currency were presented in the Night of rarities session, starting with awesome Proof Half Cents, as well as wonderful fresh produce on the market big pennies from Collection of Dr Frances W. Constable. From this collection, a phenomenal CAC AU-55 (PCGS) 1793 cent crown sold for $ 39,600 (lot 4008).

A world-class selection of silver dollars began with a number of magnificent Draped bust dollars, including a CAC AU-58 + (PCGS) 1796 BB-66, which made $ 81,000 and is now the most valuable outstanding copy ever sold (lot 4046).

Gold coins have been showcased by an exceptional selection of firsts Half eagles capped bust, including the finest single certified Rarity-7 1797 BD-2 at MS-60 (NGC) which sold for $ 168,000 (lot 4104).

The Aberg collection offered a wide variety of rarities in all denominations, including a legendary MS-61 BN (PCGS) CAC 1969-S Double coin Obverse cent which brought in $ 21,600 (lot 4017), an MS-63 (PCGS) 1870-CC dollar which sold for $ 36,000 (lot 4052), and a Proof-66 Ultra Cameo 1870 quarter eagle which brought in $ 38,400 (lot 4097).

Stack’s Bowers Galleries were also delighted to present an SP-70 (PCGS) Lealana money 0.1 Bitcoin (BTC) in lot 4151, representing the very first physical cryptocurrency coin to be offered in a live public auction. With an realized price of $ 33,600, it sold for a premium of almost 500% above the intrinsic Bitcoin face value at time of sale.

Other important rarities of this session included an MS-62 (NGC) 1870-CC half dollar at $ 102,000 (lot 4037), a Proof-68 Cameo (NGC) 1897 dollars which set a new category record at $ 45,600 (lot 4055), an original Proof-66 Ultra Cameo (NGC) 1873 three dollar gold coin which set an NGC classified record at $ 144,000 (lot 4098), an iconic Proof-62 (PCGS) 1879 Stella Floating Hair which brought in $ 120,000 (lot 4101), a Proof-65 sandblast (NGC) 1912 Saint-Gaudens $ 20 which brought in $ 108,000 (lot 4140), and a magnificent AU-53 (PCGS) 1849 Mormon $ 20 which sold for $ 300,000 (lot 4149).


The November sale also included the official Stack’s Bowers Galleries auction for the Colonial Coin Collectors Club, better known as C4, which encompasses all kinds of Colonial and the related currency of Massachusetts Money to desirable state coppers and early Washington rooms. Included were several historic wardrobes, including Fugio Brass from Pierre Fricke Collection and New Jersey and Connecticut brass from Norman G. Peters Collection.

Notable results include $ 26,400 for a 1787 Fugio Newman 10-T (lot 2148) and $ 24,000 for a Newman 11-A (lot 2149), as well as $ 57,600 for an exception 1787 New Jersey Maris 37-f (lot 2089). A remarkable selection of pieces from the collection of respected dealers was also offered. Richard rossa, formerly of Rossa and Tanenbaum, as well as a newly discovered 1658 shilling Lord Baltimore which brought in $ 13,200 (2010 lot) and a rare 1790 Standish Barry three pence which sold for $ 18,000 (lot 2123).

California Fractional Gold

A wide selection of California Fractional Gold coins presented by the Oregon Collection, Part II, including world-class rarities like Rarity-8 EF-45 (PCGS) BG-209B 1853 Round 25 cents which sold for $ 31,200 (lot 3496).


American numismatic specialists feasted on a magnificent selection of Presidential investiture medals, including a bronze Gem 1905 Roosevelt which sold for $ 57,600 (lot 1047) and the extremely rare bronze Harding Medal of 1921 which grossed $ 38,400 (lot 1048), each of which set records for the show.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries was also proud to present Part 3 of the E Pluribus Unum Collection, marked by an incredible range of Indian Peace Medals, Bolen tokens, and important minted copies, all of exceptional quality, desirable provenance and the greatest rarity.

American currency

Stack’s Bowers Galleries official currency auction featured many impressive offers, highlighted by the Laguna Coast “Gnat” rarity register and collection, one of the most beautiful collections of San Francisco small size notes of the district never formed. Exceptional results include $ 9,000 for lot 20111, a Fr. 1954-F 1928D $ 5 Atlanta Federal Reserve Note and $ 8,100 for lot 20119, a Fr. 1957Lm * 1934A $ 5 Federal Reserve Mule. Other highlights include a Fr. 96 $ 1869 10 Legal tender (lot 20029) which sold for $ 66,000, and a Fr. 1132-I 1918 Federal Reserve $ 500 note (lot 20067) which brought in $ 50,400.

* * *

The results of the entire official Stack’s Bowers Galleries auction for the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Winter Show are now available at StacksBowers.com. The company now accepts shipments of US coins and currency for their Spring 2022 auction, while their monthly Collectors Choice Online Auctions (CCO) offer a convenient place for the fastest sale at the highest prices. For more information or to register, contact the firm at 800-566-2580 or email [email protected].

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