“Odd” US Coins Featured in Whitman Publishing’s New 8th Edition MEGA RED

The new 8th edition of MEGA RED expanded coverage of “odd” U.S. coin denominations – two cents, three cents, half dimes, twenty cents “double dimes”, and $1, $3, and $4 gold coins. Hover to zoom.

(Pelham, Alabama) — The eighth edition of MEGA RED (the deluxe edition of Guide Book of United States Coins) made its coinage debut at the 2022 American Numismatic Association World Silver Fair. The 1,504-page MEGA RED can now be ordered online (including on whitman.com) and is available at bookstores and DIY stores across the country.

Each series of US coins has been updated and revised in the eighth edition. The book includes nearly 300 pages of in-depth study of two-cent coins, copper-nickel three-cent coins, silver quarters, half-dimes, twenty-cent coins and gold coins of $1, $3 and $4.

More than a dozen appendices explore specialized topics such as patterns, erroneous and misstruck coins, and counter-stamp coins of the types shown. A 19-page appendix, based on the work of James A. Haxby and Harvey B. Richer, studies Canadian “half-dimes” (silver five-cent pieces) and twenty-cent pieces and their relationship to coinage American. William Bierly, author of In God We Trust: The American Civil War, Money, Banking, and Religioncontributed an appendix on the model of the two-cent coins.

Considered the “largest, most useful red book already,” MEGA RED measures 7 x 10 inches and is 1,040 pages longer than the regular edition. The larger size and increased page count combined make MEGA RED five times larger than the regular edition red book. It appraises over 9,000 items in up to 13 grades each, with 50,000 individual values ​​and over 15,000 auction records covering coins in circulation, mint and proof. The book is illustrated with thousands of color images, hundreds of which are new to this edition.

MEGA RED covers American currency from Colonial New England to the present day – from half cents to $20 in gold double eagles, plus bars, commemoratives, Proof and Mint sets, error coins, important tokens and medals, coins minted by the United States for the Philippines (1903 –1945), and other numismatic collectibles. It follows the basic structure of the regular edition red bookbut each chapter is greatly expanded with more historical information, more varieties of dies, detailed grading instructions with enlarged color illustrations, expert advice on minting characteristics and other technical details, market analysis , auction data and advice on collecting and investing in coins.

MEGA RED Editor Emeritus Kenneth Bressett signed books at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in August 2022 in Chicago.

David Bowers is the book’s editor. Jeff Garrett is its ratings editor. Kenneth Bressett is Editor Emeritus. A lavishly illustrated 83-page introduction, “The History of Coinage in America, 1607 to the Present,” is the work of Bowers. Over 120 numismatists contributed research, photographs, market analysis and other valuable knowledge and resources. The eighth edition of MEGA RED includes a study on counterfeit Chinese coins by Beth Deisher and a 2022 coin market report by Jeff Garrett. Jeff Shevlin and Bill Hyder contributed an illustrated appendix on so-called dollars, focusing on medals from the 1893 World’s Fair in Columbia. A detailed 24-page appendix on America’s Gold Medals of Arts is the work of Dennis Tucker.

New every year MEGA RED emphasizes one or more series of parts. The first edition included a 364-page section on copper half cents and large cents, with pictures, history, diagnoses, and prices for 832 die varieties, 1793–1857. The second edition had 330 pages covering 607 varieties of Flying Eagle, Indian Head and Lincoln cents, from 1856 to the present. The third edition article focused on nickel nickels—Shield nickels, Liberty Head nickels, Buffalo nickels, and Jefferson nickels—covering 545 varieties in 314 pages. Other editions studied dimes, quarter dollars, half dollars, silver, and related dollars.

For federal coins, detailed charts show each mintage; a summary of certified demographic data; average national retail prices in categories ranging from mint to mint and proof; and three or more recent auction records for most coins. Magnified close-ups of die varieties provide visual guidance. Numerous chart notes give background and additional details on important parts.

In 1,504 pages, the new MEGA RED takes an in-depth look at all types of American coins, as well as colonial brass and other specialties.

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Whitman Publishing is the world’s leading producer of numismatic reference books, supplies and products for displaying and storing coins and paper money. The company’s high-quality books educate readers about the rich and colorful history of U.S. and global money and paper money, and teach how to build great collections. Archival quality Whitman folders, albums, cases and other media protect collectibles and allow them to be shown to friends and family.

Whitman Publishing is the official supplier of the American Numismatic Association. As a benefit of ANA membership, members can borrow MEGA RED (and other Whitman books) for free from the Association Library, and also receive 10% off all Whitman purchases. Details are at www.money.org.

MEGA RED: A Guide to the Coins of the USA, Deluxe Edition8th edition

ISBN 0794849660

1,504 pages, full color, retail $59.95

By RS Yeoman; editor Q. David Bowers; Jeff Garrett, Ratings Editor; Emeritus Editor Kenneth Bressett

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