North Korea fires missile as UN envoy condemns “hostile” US policy

North Korea fired a missile on Tuesday as its envoy to the United Nations condemned the United States for its “hostile” policy towards the country.

The missile was fired from Jagang in the sea off the country’s east coast, Reuters reported.

The test took place as North Korea’s envoy to the UN Kim Song speaks at the UN General Assembly saying the US must end its “hostile” policy , in which case the country would “voluntarily at any time” resume talks over its nuclear program, according to Reuters.

“But we think there is no prospect at this stage for the United States to truly withdraw from its hostile policy,” Kim said.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said North Korea appeared to fire a ballistic missile and Japan was tightening its surveillance, The Associated Press reported.

“We regret that the missile was fired at a time when it was very important to stabilize the situation on the Korean Peninsula,” South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Boo Seung-chan said after the test of the North Korea.

It was the third weapons test in September by North Korea, which lashed out at the United States and South Korea for condemning the tests.

Tuesday’s test comes after South Korean President Moon Jae-in called in his UN speech for an official end to the Korean War. North Korea hesitated at the request, reiterating that it would only speak after U.S. policy toward the country changed.

“I believe that when fairness and mutual respect can be maintained, smooth communication between North and South can take place,” Kim Yo Jong, North Korean leader Kim jong unKim Jong Un North Korea bans leather coats after Kim kicks off new fashion trend Belarus, Russia must solve migrant crisis on their own Kim from North Korea makes first public appearance in un months PLUSsister, said regarding holding another summit with South Korea.

However, Kim seemed to signal an opening for the resumption of international talks over the weekend.

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