NGC Opens NGC Registry to US PCGS Certified Coins

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation™ (NGC) announced that US coins graded by PCGS will now be eligible for NGC Registry Competitive Sets.

The NGC Registry is a free online platform where collectors register and display their coins and compete with other collectors around the world for recognition and prizes. The hugely popular resource has over 15,000 users, 130,000 registered sets and 1.1 million registered plays.

To participate in the NGC registry, collectors add their NGC-certified coins and PCGS-certified U.S. coins to predefined categories such as Washington Neighborhoods, 1932-1998 Where Morgan dollars, 1878-1921. Set categories have slots for each piece needed to complete the set. When a user adds a coin to a slot, it receives a score based on its rating, relative rarity, and value. These scores are then tallied and each user’s set is ranked according to their total score.

Each January, the best set in each category receives a recognition icon. The top sets across the entire NGC Registry receive prizes including a $500 NGC Ranking Credit, plaque and icon of recognition. Over $20,000 in prizes will be awarded in January.

The NGC Registry helps collectors organize their collections, set collecting goals, and learn from top collectors around the world. It’s a fun and useful tool for collectors of all skill levels.

NGC has made significant upgrades to the NGC registry over the past year to make the popular platform even better. These enhancements include a refreshed design that scales seamlessly on all devices, integration with the NGC mobile app and more.

The announcement that US coins graded by PCGS are now eligible for the NGC registry is the latest collector-friendly update. Many American collectors have both NGC and PCGS certified coins in their collections and have requested a place where all of their coins could be organized and displayed. The NGC ledger now offers this solution, becoming the most comprehensive coin collecting platform in the hobby.

Another big announcement is the addition of Autobuild Set, which makes it easier than ever to build the best set, improve a set’s ranking, and compete for NGC Registry prizes. It works by automatically filling each slot of a new set or existing set with the highest available piece for that slot.

For collectors new to the NGC registry, Autobuild Set is the fastest way to get parts in a set. For those already using the NGC registry, this helps ensure that a set receives as many points as possible.

“NGC has invested millions of dollars to make the NGC Registry the best place to organize and display your coin collection,” said Mark Salzberg, NGC President and Ranking Finalist. “These recent updates are just the latest in a series of improvements planned to benefit collectors and the hobby.”

Questions or suggestions regarding the NGC Registry can be directed to +1 800 NGC COIN (642 2646) or [email protected]

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Note: The NGC Registry is not endorsed or associated with PCGS. PCGS is a registered trademark of Collectors Universe, Inc.

NGC has certified over 44 million parts. Founded in 1987, the company provides accurate, consistent and unbiased assessments of authenticity and grade. For more information about NGC and its grading services, visit

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