New US coins will honor heroic American women

Two proposals for new American quarters with astronaut Sally Ride, left, and poet Maya Angelou (US Mint)

The United States will celebrate the accomplishments of great American women on new coins, beginning with writer Maya Angelou and astronaut Sally Ride in 2022.

The United States Mint will feature up to five new women on U.S. quarter dollars each year through 2025. The Mint recently announced that Angelou and Ride will be the first women to feature as part of its American Women’s Neighborhoods Program.

Maya Angelou, left, and Sally Ride will appear in the quarterfinals in 2022. (© Paul Morigi/AP Images) (NASA)
The poems, essays and autobiographies of Angelou (1928-2014) relate his experiences of overcoming racism and trauma. She was a leader of American civil rights movement and the first woman to deliver an inaugural poem at the inauguration of President Bill Clinton in January 1993.

Ride (1951-2012) became the first American woman in space on a NASA Space Shuttle mission in June 1983. She returned to space in 1984. Ride later taught at the University of California, San Diego and encouraged women and girls to study the science and math.

The United States Mint is currently accepting recommendations for additional women to feature. The American Women Quarters program aims to highlight the achievements of women from diverse fields and ethnic and geographic backgrounds.

George Washington, the first President of the United States, will continue to appear in the front of American neighborhoods.

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