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KABUL (Pajhwok): The news regarding the cardiac arrest of a money changer in the western province of Farah after hearing about the sudden rise in the value of the dollar is incorrect.

The afghani has been in free fall against the US dollar in recent months, leaving people worried about the country’s already precarious economic situation.

On Monday, one dollar represented 125 afs on the Kabul money market. Almost four months earlier, a dollar had been exchanged for 88 afs. The massive depreciation of the local currency has raised concerns among Afghans.

The day before, the Council of Ministers had instructed its Economic Commission to take immediate measures to stabilize Afghanistan and to hold consultations with the competent institutions in this regard.


Last night, The Hash-e-Subh Journal reported that Ghulam, a money changer in the western province of Farah, suffered cardiac arrest after being told of the soaring value of the dollar against the afghani.

Ghulam had borrowed dollars and since his values ​​soared against afghani he could not take the pressure off and suffered cardiac arrest.

Khama Press and Etlaat-e-Roz also published the report which also went viral on social media.

Checking the facts

Gul Mohammad, a relative of Ghulam, dismissed the report of the changer’s death as unfounded.

He told Pajhwok Afghan News that it was not true that Ghulam had borrowed dollars or suffered cardiac arrest as a result of the greenback’s surge in value.

He explained that Ghulam died on Monday while sleeping at the house. “He was associated with another person in the money exchange business. He never borrowed money and was happy with his business.

Another family member, who wished not to be named, confirmed that Ghulam had not died due to an increase in the dollar value. The businessman had poisoned himself to death due to family issues, the source claimed.


Some media reported that Farah’s changer died due to the rising dollar, but sources close to Ghulam dismissed the information as incorrect.


It is incorrect that Ghulam suffered cardiac arrest as a result of the soaring dollar.

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