“Magnificent 7” of Classic American Coins at the Chicago World Silver Fair


A virtual mini-museum of exceptional quality, rarely seen American numismatic rarities from private collections will be presented to the public by Tangible Investments of Laguna Beach, California (www.TangibleInvestmentsinc.com) at the American Numismatic Association 2021 Chicago World’s Fair of Money ® (www.WorldsFairofMoney.com).

One of the finest known 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollars, PCGS MS63 + CAC, will be part of the “Magnificent 7” exhibit of over $ 15 million from private collections at Tangible Assets booth # 301 at of the ANA 2021 Chicago World’s Fair of Money®. (Photo credit: Professional Parts Grading Service.)

Insured for more than $ 15 million, the exhibit will feature one of the best-known early US dollars, the 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar, and a full set of $ 4 “Stellas”, including top ranked 1880 coiled hair. PCGS and the best PCGS- ranked 1879 varieties of flowing hair.

1880 Coiled Hair $ 4 Coiled Hair, PCGS PR65 + CAM
The finest complete set of 14 1880 gold, silver and copper coins ever assembled, including this 1880 Coiled Hair “Stella”, rated PCGS PR65 + CAM, will be part of the over-sized “Magnificent 7” exhibit. $ 15 million from private collections at Tangible Assets booth # 301 during ANA 2021 Chicago World’s Fair of Money®. (Photo credit: Professional Parts Grading Service.)

“To celebrate the post-pandemic return of great shows, we have assembled an impressive collection of seven-part numismatic treasures, on loan from the private collections of their current owners. the most beautiful and magnificent known examples of classic American coins, ”explained Silvano DiGenova, President of Tangible Investments.

“They are not for sale. They are just for the public to admire and learn as we once again enjoy the benefits of attending major coin shows in person, such as the important convention of the ANA, ”said DiGenova.

$ 1,845 2.50 NGC PF67 Cameo
Insured for over $ 15 million, a “mini-museum” exhibition of private collections at the Tangible Assets booth # 301 during ANA 2021 Chicago World’s Fair of Money® will include the best set of 1845 gold proofs assembled with an original presentation lined with box velvet. This is the CAM NGC PF67 classified Quarter Eagle of the assembly. (Photo credit: Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.)

The exhibit will be held at Tangible Investments booth, # 301, in Hall E of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois, the site of the ANA 2021 convention, from August 10-14.
Highlights of the seven-part multi-million dollar display include:

  1. One Flowing Hair silver dollar from 1794, graded PCGS MS63 + CAC. Formerly part of the Cardinal Collection and also in the collections of prominent 20th century collectors Virgil Brand and FCC Boyd, the last public appearance of this historic piece was at the 2018 Philadelphia World Silver Fair.

  2. One of the finest of the only four 1802 Draped Bust dollars known, PCGS PR65 + CAC, previously owned by renowned collectors such as Captain John W. Haseltine, Waldo C. Newcomer, Col EHR Green, Amon Carter Senior and Junior , the IR Français famille and David Queller.

  3. The best 1845 gold proof set assembled with an original velvet lined presentation box: $ 10 Eagle NGC PF65 CAM; $ 5 Half Eagle NGC PF66 CAM; and $ 2.50 Quarter Eagle NGC PF67 CAM.

  4. The best full set of 14 1880 Gold, Silver and Copper coins ever assembled, including the $ 20 CAC PCGS PR64 Deep Cameo (DCAM); $ 10 PCGS PR64 Cameo (CAM) CAC; $ 5 PCGS PR66 DCAM CAC; among the top rated examples of the two types of 1880 Stella $ 4 denomination gold coins, Coiled Hair, PCGS PR65 + CAM CAC and Flowing Hair, NGC PF66 + CAM; the best known $ 3 PCGS PR66 + with a rare gold CAC sticker; and superb examples of other 1880 proof coins, from the cent to the golden dollar. “This constitutes the most important body of American evidence outside of the King of Siam set,” said DiGenova.

  5. A Liberty Head 1900-S half eagle, PCGS MS69 CAC, which is tied for the finest known of this date and one of the best examples of any classic American gold coin. Encapsulated for three decades in first-generation PCGS media, the coin’s pedigree includes the legendary collection of 20th-century Baltimore banker Louis E. Eliasberg Sr., known as the “King of Coins.”

  6. Best 1879 Gold, rated PCGS, $ 4 Flowing Hair Stella, PCGS PF67 + CAC, Pop. 1/0. A Hair Coiled Stella from 1879, NGC PF66 + Cameo, Pop. 1/3. “When combined with the two Stellas in the 1880 proof set, these would be roughly tied for the best Stellas all-time record set,” said DiGenova.

  7. A 1909 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, NGC PF69, the only Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle with Roman / Satin or Matte Finish finish classified as proof 69 and did not exist until 1993 when it made its first auction appearance.

Visitors to the exhibition can receive free color brochures containing information on the exhibits.

For more information, contact Tangible Investments, Inc. at 949-715-5333 or online at www.TangibleInvestmentsinc.com. Additional information on the 2021 American Numismatic Association World Money Fair in Chicago can be found at www.WorldsFairofMoney.com.

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