Launch of Kladot – Offers US Bank Accounts, Virtual USD Cards and APIs for Virtual Dollar Cards

We designed this business to serve immigrants, expats, and global citizens. With KlaDot, a Tekedia Capital portfolio startup, you can live in Nigeria, Ghana, Brazil, Scotland, etc., and get a US bank account. But not just US bank accounts, you can get euro bank accounts, yen bank accounts, etc. We support 33 countries. It is a solution that makes financial services without geographical limits. We want commerce to be smooth, unlimited. is ready (Apple iOS and Android apps will go live next month, minor adjustments are in progress). This is the neobank you’ve been waiting for.

Additionally, we have APIs that will help startups issue virtual dollar cards to their customers. I understand that most African startups have been cut recently. Exactly, we created Kladot so you never get cut off. Our solution comes with the highest governance and privacy regulations in the industry in the United States. We have licenses to operate in the United States, Canada, etc.

Citizens and Businesses, go to Kladot and open an account. Startups, contact us and we will give you APIs to help you start issuing virtual USD cards in Africa again. Contact by email on site. Kladot operates from Texas but has opened operations in Lekki, Lagos; the team is in town. Startups, connect immediately so our team can meet you in Lagos. We want to help everyone affected by the virtual USD card ban.

Registration for the Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 9 (Sept. 12 – Dec. 3, 2022) has started. register here. The cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12 week program.

(If the support is slow, sorry; the team is increasing its capacity.)

Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Ph.D.

Member of the Board of Directors

Kladot, TX, USA

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