Japan atomic bomb survivors condemn US policy of increasing nuclear bomb numbers


Associations representing atomic bomb survivors in Japan have criticized a shift in US policy to modernize its atomic arsenal and increase its launch capability. Toshiyuki Mimaki of the Japan Confederation of A and H Bomb Victims’ Organizations expressed anger at Washington’s shift in strategy, saying it was an obstacle to global denuclearization, Japanese state broadcaster NHK reported.


Mimaki said that “if the president of a world power like the United States wants to increase and modernize his nuclear capabilities, the survivors of the atomic bombings in Japan will never see a world without nuclear weapons.”

Mimaki, a survivor of the US nuclear bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, said these weapons do not make the world a safer place and should never be used.

Koichi Kawano, leader of Hibakuren, a Nagasaki-based survivor group – which suffered a nuclear attack on August 9, 1945 – said the announcement threw cold water on the landmark UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons, adopted last year by more than 120 countries. .

Kawano warned that the new US strategy, which seeks to develop smaller nuclear weapons, could lower the bar for the use of such weapons and increase the likelihood of nuclear war.

He also urged the Japanese government to use the US presence in Japan to step up diplomatic efforts to prevent such a scenario.

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