Heritage is now accepting bids for the U.S. Coin Auction June 17-20


The market for rare coins continues to strengthen in almost every area, especially among the larger rarities of the hobby. Almost all series are strong. More recently, Heritage auctions ” Central States Auction set several records on the way to more than $ 42 million in realized prices for American coins alone. Total auction proceeds topped the $ 50 million mark, including paper money and other foreign currency items. It is a resolutely active market for dealers and collectors.

World Heritage Headquarters in Dallas will host the June Long Beach Expo auction. A sparkling array of rare and interesting pieces promise to add luster to the event. The First session is Thursday evening June 17th followed by a solid floor session on Friday evening, as well as our ever popular online session on Sunday afternoon June 20th.

Here are some of the highlights of this auction:

Of The Warshaw Family Collection, Part IV:

  • A pair of remarkable Elephant tokens: the most beautiful variant of Thick Planchet known, certified MS66 Red and Brown PCGS CAC, Ex: Eliasberg, and a rare Carolina PROPRIETORS token graded VF20 PCGS, R.6
  • The most famous continental dollar of 1776 (EG FECIT, Pewter, Newman 3-D), certified MS67 NGC
  • A rare uncirculated original copper gem, MS65 Brown PCGS (Breen-1145, W-8520). Example: Newman
  • A 1793 Chain cent (S-3, B-4), AU53 PCGS CAC certified, from the Halpern and Loring collections
  • A splendid half disme from 1792 (Judd-7, Pollock 7), one of the most beautiful known, certified MS63 NGC
  • A Seated Quarter from 1862, PR68 Star Cameo, the Best
  • A spectacular 1795 Flowing Hair dollar (B-1, BB-21), certified MS65 PCGS, Ex: Robert Coulton Davis in 1890; Lawrence Stack Type Set; Pogue collection
  • A historic 1792 copper minted disme, SP25 PCGS
  • A 1861 Jefferson Davis “dime” struck in gold, Ex: the Jefferson Davis Estate

Of The GL & SL Stonebarger collection:

Of The Flying Fish Collection, Part II:

And of Hobo Nickels’ Chris Dempsey Collection Part I comes perhaps the best known and the most important Bo Hughes known nickel – the fabulous double-sided sculpture “DICER”, which is simply legendary among Hobo nickel enthusiasts.

Additional Highlights:

  • 1944 cent struck on a zinc plated steel blank MS64 PCGS, the rare transition error
  • 1969-S Lincoln cent, MS64 Red PCGS, rare lined obverse corner
  • Quartier 1918/7-S, MS64 Full Head NGC, the rarest Full Head number in the series
  • 1799/8 dollar draped bust, inverted 15 stars, B-3, BB-141, MS65 PCGS, state census top for variety
  • 1875 Liberty demi-eagle, PR65 Cameo PCGS, small edition, great rarity from the 19th century
  • 1855 Wass, Molitor & Co. Fifty Dollar, K-9, AU58, the famous gold rush round number

This auction is open for auction now at Coins.HA.com.

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