Heritage auctions offering rare French coins and American coins in early holders

Long Island French Coin Collection Ends Feb. 27

The second Heritage auctions Excellent and extensive slice showcase Long Island collection, The Long Island French Coin Collectionfinds its main focus in the machined French issues of the reign of Louis XIII for Louis XVthe vast majority having been noted by NGC. Bidding in this auction is now taking place on coins.HA.com, with the final live session scheduled for Sunday, February 27 at 8:00 PM CT.

The heart of the collection is undoubtedly a selection of 95 Louis d’Or Mirliton (includes two Double Louis d’Or Mirliton), comprising all but perhaps a dozen known mint date pairings, and certainly stands as one of the most comprehensive collections of its kind ever assembled – far surpassing the collections of Ford and patrickand encompassing many missing pieces from the 1971 Parke Bernet sale of the The camel cargo.

Highlights include a 1725 La Rochelle short palmsa Mirliton de Béarn MS64 from 1725and the 1725-Y apparently unreleased (ex. Ford). Other post-revolution rarities include the second most beautiful coin of 5 francs of Napoleon “Cent Jours” certified (MS64)the best 1808-A 20 Francs (MS65+)and an immaculate 1818-A 20 Francs graduated MS66+.

Auction of coins in old mounts scheduled for March 7

Buy the slab, not the part? Not exactly.

But the latest heritage auctions Showcase auction of US coins in early holders focuses on parts that have been encapsulated in PCGS or NGC holders for a particularly long period. These pieces have a reputation for being often underclassed, and the slabs themselves are popular, hence this offer. Bidding is open now on Coins.HA.com, continuing with a live session scheduled for Monday, March 7 at 5:00 PM CT.

Included are over 600 sets of parts in PCGS Green Label mounts, first generation PCGS ratchet or “clacker” mounts, NGC “bold” mounts, NGC Green Label mounts, and even some first generation mounts. ANACS holders. 191 of the pieces received the CAC green label, designating them among the most beautiful of their numerical grade; Another 11 carry the coveted CAC gold label, which means that CAC believes the coin is underrated by at least one point.

One piece from this auction that attracted a lot of attention early on is a 1795 Dollar with flowing hair, three leaves, graduated VF30 (92219) and housed in an old Gen. 1.2 vintage. This coin is the B-5 variety, BB-27, which of 19,1795 Flowing Hair dollar marriages is the most plentiful, making it decidedly popular as a type coin and generally collectible in most grades with good visual appeal. This example exhibits several positive attributes for its quality, including an original, uniform slate gray and gunmetal patina, and a lack of troublesome plank setting marks. Some old scratches on freedom the cheek and a slight toning streak that slopes from the 7 of the date to the 8 star serve as pedigree markers.

A few of the additional highlights from this auction include:

Bid on lots from these two sales now on the Heritage Auctions website, Coins.HA.com.

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