Heritage Auctions Feature Tokens, Medals, Athens Collection of US Coins

The Athens Collection of American Coins

The Athens Collection is a sole proprietorship of American collectibles from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. All but one of the coins have a face value of a dollar or less, and about two-thirds of the bids are proof. This collection is presented in a Heritage auction scheduled for 6 p.m. central time on November 22, with auctions now open on Coins.HA.com.

The rarest and most wanted Morgan Dollar from 1921 are undoubtedly the deeply reflected pieces known as Chapman’s evidence. Students in the series are familiar with the 1921 Proof Morgans, most of which are attributed to a special order from Farran Zerbe, and a few of which – around 10-12 pieces – were struck because of Henri chapman. Chapman’s proofs are of significantly higher quality than Zerbe’s coins, and even low-quality coins display a deep mirror in the fields reminiscent of the government-sanctioned Proof Morgans of 1904 and earlier. This is the case with the example of the Athens collection. Despite the modest PR62 quality assigned by PCGS, the fields are clearly reflected, complementing the satin features and overall glossy surfaces. As such, this is a pleasant example of this coveted scarcity of evidence and a must-have article for advanced dollar scholar Morgan.

There are many other highlights of this auction including:

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