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Although pollution and plastic recycling have often been at the center of sustainability discussions in the food industry, a sector like alcoholic beverages uses much less plastic but more glass and aluminum for its packaging.

Alcoholic beverage company Lion, which is a subsidiary of Japanese giant Kirin and also operates several well-known brands in Australia and New Zealand including Lion, Kirin, Steinlager, Little Creatures and many more, recently released its report. Sustainability 2020, highlighting its achievement of becoming Australia’s first carbon neutral brewer in April 2020.

“As a business, Lion is ultimately a heavy consumer of energy – we use both electricity and natural gas for our operations, where the former is used extensively for refrigeration and motors and more, and the second in particular for boilers “,Lion Environment Director Justin Merrell said FoodNavigator-Asia.

“It was particularly difficult to find a sustainable substitute for natural gas, [but overall] in 2020, we managed to reduce our carbon footprint by 28% in absolute terms since 2015, which puts us on track to meet our carbon reduction target of 55% by 2030.

“For all the carbon emissions that we have failed to eliminate by increasing energy efficiency or using solar power or biogas, we have purchased certified carbon credits to offset any remaining footprint.”

When it comes to packaging issues, Merrell stressed that alcoholic beverage companies need to care more about aluminum and glass than plastic, but added that their high recyclability still makes them a good packaging choice. .