Fantasy Baseball – How to Use the Custom Dollar Value Generator

If you’re getting ready to play fantasy baseball, ESPN has you covered. We have leaderboards, salary cap values, and cheat sheets for Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Categories, Head-to-Head Leagues, and Seasonal Points. But what if you play in a league with different settings than these most popular offers?

In this sabermetric era, it’s not uncommon to find a league that uses on-base percentage instead of batting average, quality starts in place of wins, or even includes up to 10 categories on either side of the ball. For any of these custom formats, there’s no easier way to create a set of ratings yourself than by using ESPN’s Fantasy Baseball Custom Values ​​Generator.

Let’s illustrate, using the 6×6 rotisserie format I’ve talked about many times in these pages. In this format, I took the traditional 5×5 categories, added a sixth to each of the hitting and pitching sides, and made some categorical adjustments to keep up with the sabermetric times. Batting average, for example, was replaced with on-base percentage, and stolen bases were replaced with stolen clean bases, with slugging percentage added as a sixth hitting category. On the pitching side, wins were replaced with quality starts and strikeouts over K/9, with innings pitched added as the sixth pitching category.

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