Classic American Coins – David Lawrence Rare Coins Acquires 1794 Silver Dollar

One of the first American silver dollars

Rare pieces by David Lawrence acquired one of the best census examples of America’s first silver dollar. Rated by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America (NGC) as 58 almost uncirculated and verified by Certified Acceptance Society (CAC), this 1794 silver dollar is among the 12 finest known examples of this exciting and rare issue.

Jean Brushchairman of David Lawrence, says: “When the coin was gifted to DLRC, we knew it was a purchase we had to make. Historically significant classic rarities of this nature simply don’t become available every day, and DLRC jumped on the opportunity to acquire it.

The 1794 silver dollar has been a recognized major numismatic rarity for over 160 years. Issued from an original mintage of 1,758 coins, these coins were the first examples of the “dollar” denomination that would eventually become a currency primarily traded in international trade.

“The historical significance of this piece cannot be overstated,” continue the brush. “We have seen that rare and important coins are popular again among investors and record results are being seen in many auctions. We believe this will be a million dollar item in the near future, so current market conditions have made this a great value proposition.

1794 Silver Dollar NGC58 CAC

John Albanianfounder and president of CAChave known this room for some time. “This particular specimen is one of my favorites for its overall quality, aesthetics and value. It is quite unusual to see such a rare AU58 example that truly deserves the CAC verification sticker.

As the grade AU58 indicates, this coin has a trace of wear on the obverse on the cheek of Liberty and on the eagle on the reverse. It is remarkable in many ways, but above all it is one of the few known examples of high quality. without major marks of “adjustment” of the plank.

These marks, as made at the mint and confined to the periphery of the obverse on this example, are almost always seen on 1794 dollars as the coiners deliberately scratched the pre-production plates to adjust their weight of money appropriate to the regulations. While such fit marks are considered acceptable in the marketplace, discerning collectors and dealers appreciate examples with such minimal disturbance.

David Lawrence Rare Coins was able to acquire this coin through a private treaty for an undisclosed sum. The play is now available for viewing on the website of Rare pieces by David Lawrence to Serious inquiries should be directed to John Brush at [email protected]or his direct telephone line from (757) 962-7502.

About the 1794 Dollar

The 1794 silver dollar is a legendary coin among historians and coin enthusiasts, as it was the first year that the newly independent United States of America produced the dollar denomination, the main unit of currency of its monetary system.

All 1,758 silver dollars produced in 1794 date back to October 15, 1794 when David Rittenhousefirst director of the United States Mint and close friend of Thomas Jeffersonprovided his personal money for the minting process.

As American numismatics matured in the mid-19th century, collectors realized the rarity of the first silver dollar and began to seek them out in circulation and the inevitable melting pot of assayers. Estimates of the number of surviving specimens range from 130 to 150 pieces, a fairly healthy percentage survival rate and likely due to the early timeliness of the show.

The provenance of the current piece dates back to the 1964 sale by Numismatic companies to California State Numismatic Association. He continued to find his way through the Queller Family Collection, a comprehensive collection of high-quality and significant antique U.S. coins that has since been dispersed. This is the coin’s first public appearance in nearly eight years.

About David Lawrence Rare Pieces

David Lawrence Rare Coins, founded in 1979, is an industry leader in trading and auctioning PCGS, NGC and CAC certified rare US coins.

The company handled legendary rarities in American numismatics, including two examples of the 1894-S Barber dime, a precious 1876-CC twenty-cent coin, the finest known 1901-S Barber quarter, one of 12 seated dollars 1870-S known, and the best certified No Pole Liberty Cap half-cent of 1796. They also helped assemble and sell the Richmond collectiona group that made $25 million in its public auction.

DLRC conducts weekly internet auctions and offers sellers the options of direct sale or auction consignment.

DLRC is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and offers products through its website (, trade shows, Amazon and eBay (davidlawrencerarecoins).

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