Carson City rarities highlight Heritage’s American coin auction in November


When the hammer finally falls at Heritage Auctions’ US Coins Signature® auction from November 11-14, a number of rarely seen rarities, many from long-standing private collections, will have found new ones. houses.

1870-CC $ 20 AU53 PCGS. Variety 1-A (Image by Heritage Auctions,

“We are very pleased to offer such a range of rare and rare pieces from avid collectors,” said Sarah Miller, Senior Vice President of Heritage Auctions. “From Carson Cities to early American models to models, there really is something for everyone at the November auction.”

Prestwick Collection

The Prestwick Collection of Carson City Coins reflects the owner’s appreciation for the Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland, with its legendary place in the annals of golf, and the heritage of Carson City mint in the numismatic field . Considered by many to be the “real home” of the British Open, the venue hosted the first 12 Opens, starting in 1860, as well as 12 more Opens in the following years. The Carson City Mint currency lasted much of the same era and was a microcosm of the Old West numismatic era until it was replaced by other places as well.

1873-CC 50C Arrows, Open 3, Large CC, WB-103, Pair of dies 6, R.4, MS63 PCGS
1873-CC 50C Arrows, Open 3, Large CC, WB-103, Die Pair 6, R.4, MS63 PCGS (Image by Heritage Auctions,

The Prestwick Collection includes 61 sets of Carson City coins, including several classic Western rarities in particularly high grades. The shipper of these coins has played Prestwick several times and greatly enjoyed his time collecting distinguished coins from the legendary Nevada Mint, including, but not limited to:

Pacific Rim Collection

The Pacific Rim collection is made up entirely of impressive American motifs, of which 31 will be offered in the Premier session, and another 16 in the afternoon floor session.

1870 $ 1 Dollar, Judd-1016, Pollock-1150, Low R.7, PR64 Brown NGC
1870 1 dollar, Judd-1016, Pollock-1150, Low R.7, PR64 Brown NGC (photo by Heritage Auctions,

Extraordinary designs in the collection include an 1870 Indian princess dollar minted in silver, which joins an 1879 copper Morgan dollar and an 1880 Goloid Metric dollar among the highlights of the First Session designs.

$ 1879 1 Morgan Dollar, Judd-1614, Pollock-1810, Low R.7, PR65 Red NGC
$ 1879 1 Morgan Dollar, Judd-1614, Pollock-1810, Low R.7, PR65 Red NGC (Image by Heritage Auctions,

A 1872 trade dollar minted in silver is also a highlight of the high-value 280 lot evening session. Other highlights of the session include, but are not limited to:

  • An 1873-CC 10C Arrows, F-101, R.4, MS65 NGC
  • An 1851 $ 50 RE Humbert Fifty Dollar, Reeded Edge, 880 Thous., AU58 PCGS. CAC. K-5, Low R.5
  • A 1915-S 50 $ Panama-Pacific 50 Dollar Round MS64 + NGC
  • A $ 1799 10 Large Obverse Stars, BD-10, R.3, MS64 NGC

Charles Ties Collection

The auction will feature a selection of old-style pieces from Charles Link, a long-time client of Heritage Auctions with an exceptional eye for quality and rare varieties; her specialties include flowing hair, draped bust and styled bust halves. Overton specialists will want to investigate several outstanding half dollars, including an exceptional half dollar 1809 O-107 Certified PCGS MS65, which surpasses the condition census for the variety and dazzles the eye with its fantastic Gem surface quality.

1809 50C III Bord, O-107, R.2, MS65 PCGS
1809 50C III Edge, O-107, R.2, MS65 PCGS (photographed by Heritage Auctions,

The piece is essentially similar to a proof under an original reddish tone stain. A handful of other denominations offer equally impressive selections from this high-quality collection.

Other highlights of the Charles Link collection include, but are not limited to:

NE Lincoln Collection

This collection is at the origin of the curiosity of the sender, who discovers in his pocket coins which he finds fascinating at the beginning of his adolescence. This initial interest blossomed when he discovered a local coin store, where he found fascinating copper coins. As his interest grew, he focused on rarer certified coins.

1903-S $ 1 MS64 PCGS.  CAC
1903-S $ 1 MS64 PCGS. CAC (Image by Heritage Auctions,

He then decided to broaden the scope of his collection when he concluded that it made sense to own a wider selection of American coins rather than just a few rare rarities. It has been collected by denomination, type, and mint to reflect different periods in American history; in doing so, he gathered a treasure that now includes key issues, rare varieties, patterns and better dated coppers, silvers and golds. Selections from the NE Lincoln collection can be found in the regular ground session and Signature® Internet online session of this auction; Highlights of the collection include, but are not limited to:

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