Biggest American Bank President Says Bitcoin “Not Worth It”



The general manager of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, told a conference on Monday (11) that cryptocurrencies will be regulated by governments and that he personally believes that the bitcoins “it’s not worth the shot”.

“No matter what you think, the government will regulate. They’re going to regulate for money laundering purposes, for bank secrecy purposes, for taxation, ”Dimon said at an online event hosted by the International Finance Institute.

Dimon, chairman of the largest bank in we, has been a harsh critic of digital coins, even calling bitcoin a fraud, though he later said he regretted the statement.

In the middle of this year, JPMorgan gave wealth management clients access to trust funds. crypto-currencies, which means the bank’s financial advisors can accept customers’ buy and sell orders for five cryptocurrency products.

Claiming his views are different from those of the bank and its board, Dimon said he remains skeptical. “Personally, I think bitcoin is not worth it,” he said. “I also think you shouldn’t smoke cigarettes.”

“Our clients are adults. They do not agree. If they want to have access to buying or selling bitcoin – we can’t keep it – but we can give them legitimate access, as clean as possible, ”he said.

Bitcoin did not register an immediate reaction to Dimon’s comments. The cryptocurrency rose 5% on the day, to US $ 57,304.


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