Best overseas travel destinations for the value in US dollars


The value of the dollar is constantly fluctuating, especially in today’s changing economic and political climate. And these constant changes can cause stress for Americans going on vacation abroad.

To help you navigate the delicate world of travel and currency, Reward Expert, a free service dedicated to helping users get the most from their money, identified 10 summer vacation destinations where your dollar takes you further – as well as the 10 places you might want to avoid (at least, for now).

The breathtaking views of Norway may be better suited to your budget than in recent years.RewardExpert Inc.

The website took into account various factors that affect the exchange rate (the ratio that determines the value of your dollar) and then compared this year’s exchange rates and last year to find out where in the world you are. can buy more for less. – and vice versa. RewardExpert has taken into account everything you buy when spending time abroad: drinks and desserts, excursions and hotels, transit and flights… the list goes on!

The # 1 place to take the plunge for a trip abroad? This is Argentina, where the dollar earns many more pesos this year than in previous years. This means more money to explore the country’s diverse landscapes, from the Andean mountains to coastal beaches, as well as the bustling city of Buenos Aires.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina is a mind-blowing, budget-friendly travel destination this summer!RewardExpert Inc.

Meanwhile, the UK took second place. Brexit and other factors are making the UK more affordable than before. It’s still not a great destination, but if you’ve always dreamed of seeing Buckingham Palace, riding the London Eye, or soaking up the wonders of Stonehenge, now is the time!

Sweden, Canada, Japan and Norway all made the best value for money list as well. Think of exchange rates as an invitation to indulge in the trip of a lifetime, and your wallet will thank you for choosing wisely.

Experience Sweden’s mild summer climate for less this year.RewardExpert Inc.

Here is the full list of your top opportunities abroad:

  1. Argentina
  2. UK
  3. China
  4. Sweden
  5. Canada
  6. Japan
  7. Mexico
  8. Singapore
  9. Norway
  10. Hong Kong

At the other extreme, Iceland is the # 1 place to avoid for a budget-conscious vacation. Perhaps the beautiful isolated island nation should remain an idyllic image for a few more years. Dinner and drinks at a mid-level restaurant could cost you up to $ 140. That doesn’t leave much room for dessert! The breathtaking scenery may not be worth a breathtaking bill.

Iceland makes traveling abroad very expensive.RewardExpert Inc.

Oddly enough, Poland is also on the list although RewardExpert has confirmed that Poland is one of the cheapest vacation spots. Whether you want to walk around Warsaw, explore the national parks, or soak up the country’s history, everything is cheap in Poland. But compared to last year, the dollar lost value, earning it a spot in the RewardExpert warning zone. Still, dinner and drinks in Poland, even at the best restaurants, won’t cost you more than $ 30!

The dollar may be less valuable today in Poland than in recent years, but it is still the most affordable European destination. RewardExpert Inc.

Here’s the full list of places your dollar won’t stretch that much:

  1. Iceland
  2. South Africa
  3. Brazil
  4. Israel
  5. South Korea
  6. Poland
  7. Chile
  8. Australia
  9. New Zealand
  10. Czechia
Whether you’re exploring the beaches or strolling the city streets, you can enjoy Mexico on a budget.Reward Expert

With all these numbers, changes and currencies, one thing is clear: the best option for traveling abroad that won’t cost you too much is Mexico. Although he made the high-value list at No.7, he ranks No.1 under a less time-sensitive view. Our neighbor to the south is also the best place for cheap Airbnb listings and cheap shopping. Just minutes away, Mexico may be the place for the budget-conscious traveler.

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