American Dahlonega Gold Coins Highlight David Lawrence Rare Coin Auction


Sunday auction # 1186 of David Lawrence Rare Coins (DLRC) is now online and offers 400 lots in total, including 25 safe deposit boxes and 75 unreserved lots. This week’s auction features a variety of fantastic items approved by PCGS, NGC and CAC.

Featured in this week’s auction is the Collection Abbeville d’or Dahlonega. A complete set of gold produced at the small North georgia mint, the Abbeville Collection is the first complete set of pieces that we have the privilege to offer. Highlighted by the famous 1861-D Gold Dollar NGC AU50 which was produced by Confederate soldiers after taking over the mint, the collection also includes a rare 1851-DG $ 1 NGC MS64, a robust 1855-DG $ 1 NGC AU53 (Type 2) , a classic rarity 1856-D $ 2 1/2 PCGS / CAC F15 (OGH), a rare PCGS 1854-D holder $ 3 PCGS XF40 (Rare PCGS 1.1 holder), and a late 1861-D $ 5 NGC AU Details (Cleaned ).

Named for the city of Abbeville, Caroline from the south it was the home of the famous statesman John C. Calhoun which organized the first meeting of the secessionist movement in Abbeville, the city also hosted the last council of ministers of Confederation before Jefferson Davis was captured in South Georgia. Many believe that the Confederacy’s gold chests were lost in or near Abbeville, and the collection was therefore named after what might have been the unique location of some of these coins. A wide variety of coins with quality ranging from heavily underclassed coins to coins that display light cleaning, this collection is perfect for the true collector and we are happy to offer it.

This auction also includes the Morgan collection in texan hues. This beautifully toned $ 21 set will be auctioned each unconditionally in auction # 1186.

1851-DG $ 1 NGC MS64

A rare Mint State survivor in prime condition. From a mintage of just 9,882 coins, a single coin was graded finer between the two services. A more recent example of matrix state, as evidenced by the strong radial crack of the I matrix in AMERICA. The surfaces radiate a brilliant luster and are evenly colored an ideal warm medium gold. The striking details are impressively crisp, although the LLA in DOLLAR and the 5 in the date are set smoothly as usual. Overall, the visual appeal is wonderful and is sure to appeal to discerning southern gold connoisseurs.

1855-DG $ 1 NGC AU53 (Type 2)

The second rarest of Dahlonega Gold Dollars, it is also the rarest in the higher grades. In 1855, the Dahlonega Mint produced only $ 1,811 in gold. In addition, it is the only D-Mint Gold Dollar Type II, putting additional pressure on an already popular date. This nice AU is pretty well hit for the problem with all the design cues well represented despite the slight rubbing of the high points to be expected from the quality. The surfaces are a beautiful medium gold color and show no particularly annoying abrasion, only slight marks of impact. All in all, a magnificent copy, one of the finest of this rare and desirable issue that we have had the pleasure to offer.

1861-DG $ 1 NGC AU50

For various reasons, the 1861-D is considered the most important and sought after gold coin produced at the Dahlonega Mint. It is the rarest collectible gold dollar, and it is the only issue fully produced in a conclusive manner by the Confederation. It’s a problem with multiple levels of demand, and it was coveted by collectors long before there was an established rare date gold market. It is estimated that 65-75 are known in total, with about a dozen having claims in the Uncirculated status. Some of these top quality parts have been processed and are therefore no longer original. Many more are off the market in well-kept collections. The coin here featured an amazingly preserved AU survivor. The smooth and incredibly clean surfaces blend olive gold with the original luster to create a wonderful piece to behold in the hand. The central devices present a sharpness and only the lightest among the wear of the high points is noticeable on the high points. It really is a rare opportunity to obtain a major piece of Confederate history from the United States.

1856-D $ 2 1/2 PCGS / CAC F15 (OGH)

A remarkable and original piece which has considerable appeal for the discerning collector. A classic series rarity, with the lowest mintage, 874 pieces, of all Eagle Quarter produced at the Dahlonega Mint. This Fine specimen is one of 38 specimens classified by PCGS and one of less than a dozen between the two services to obtain CAC approval. Rich orange gold surfaces feature plenty of detail considering the level of quality and maintain a solid underlying luster in protected areas. All in all, a very attractive piece considering the rating given that would be a gorgeous addition to any gold cabinet.

1854-D $ 3 PCGS XF40 (Rare PCGS 1.1 support)

A new entry in the PCGS census support, this part is housed in a PCGS Generation 1.1 support. This style of support was only used for about a week in mid-February 1986 and is very rare. The coin and medium combination is an exciting opportunity for the advanced southern gold collector. The 1854-D is the only Dahlonega number in the $ 3 gold series. From a limited edition of 1,120 pieces, very few survive in high quality. This example is well detailed for the grade as well as the problem with slight wear on the high points and minimal and inconsequential traffic marks. The pleasing tangerine-gold surfaces provide considerable remaining luster and a great eye-catcher.

1861-D $ 5 NGC AU Details (Cleaned)

It is believed that only 75 to 80 pieces exist. An elusive and historically significant issue of the Southern Branch Mint that has an official mintage of just 1,597 coins and an unknown (albeit tiny) production under Confederation auspices. This relatively affordable copy is attractive despite an old cleaning. The most visible on the back, the luster comes out quite well. Uniform light golden coloring covers both sides and crisp design definition is seen throughout. A fantastic opportunity for the southern gold collector.

If you have any questions about the parts in this auction or the items to purchase directly, please call us at 800-776-0560, or send an email and we’ll get back to you immediately.

Thanks for browsing and participating in our auction!

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