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US Bank currently offers the following five checking accounts.

US Bank Easy Bank Account

The Easy Checking Account is US Bank’s most affordable option, with a low monthly fee that can be waived in a number of ways. It has online and mobile banking features including mobile bill payment. Account holders can access their cash at US bank ATMs for free, but will need to pay a fee to the US bank and possibly the ATM owner to use an off-grid ATM.

American Bank Gold Checking Account

The US Bank Gold Checking account offers all of the same features as the Easy Checking account, plus two off-network ATM transactions per statement cycle. You won’t pay a fee to the US bank, but that doesn’t mean the owner of the ATM won’t charge you.

You can add up to two co-owners to your account, which is a great option for families who want to make managing their money easier. It is also a good choice for those who have loans or credit cards through the US bank, as one of them is required to waive the monthly fee.

US Bank Platinum Checking Account

The Platinum Checking Account is the leading US Bank checking account, offering the benefits of the Gold Checking Account as well as unlimited visits to off-network ATMs with no additional bank fees. You also get discounts on personal checks, an unlimited number of family accounts, and the ability to earn modest interest.

You need a large enough sum to waive the high monthly maintenance fees, but US Bank takes your balances into account with all of your US bank accounts. You can also waive the fees by maintaining a relationship with US Bank Wealth Management.

American Bank Student Checking Account

The US Bank Student Checking Account is a free checking account designed for students. It includes four off-grid ATM visits per month that the US Bank will not charge you for, discounts on personal checks, and access to all online and mobile banking tools provided by other US Bank checking accounts. .

US bank secure debit account

The secure debit account is similar to the Easy Checking account, but it does not offer checks or charge an overdraft fee because you cannot overdraw your account. You should be comfortable sticking with the US bank’s ATM network and paying monthly fees, as there is no way to avoid off-network ATMs or monthly maintenance fees.

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